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Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations

Program Director: Valentina Mele

  • Government at any level, from local to global, is essential for the development of society. It is among the most complex and fascinating current professional settings, owing to the variety of activities and sectors, their interdependencies as well as the interplay between politics, policy and management.
  • The Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations provides candidates with the hard and soft skills they need to successfully lead and work in this environment. It does so through the core curriculum (mandatory courses) and the majors.
  • Mandatory courses are focused on two interrelated areas: advanced managerial techniques to design and implement public strategies as well as sophisticated tools for policy analysis and evaluation.
  • Students are then supported in developing their unique professional profile through a careful selection of electives or by choosing one of the majors, explicitly designed to meet the specific interests of students and the needs expressed by the job market.


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  • Alessandro Gropelli
    "Bocconi is where I started to cultivate my passion for the European Union, which led me ETNO, the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association. I’ve always kept three things from my years at Bocconi: European DNA, an interpretive framework on the political and administrative world and a passion for governance."
  • silvia cattaneo
    "In my internship, I am following the release of IDs and passports, and facilitating interaction with Italian citizens living in Barcelona. I also have the opportunity to see other sectors of the Consulate, such as the acquisition of Italian citizenship, assistance to people in jail and celebration of weddings!"
  • martina decina
    "My internship at Greenpop is giving me a real opportunity for professional as well as personal growth, because I feel I can make a contribution to both the environment and other people."