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Accounting, Financial Management and Control

Program Director: Angelo Ditillo 

The Program is also offered in Italian

  • It provides students with all the competencies and skills related to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) profession, preparing them to analyze problems and make managerial decisions from a plurality of perspectives. The same set of knowledge and competencies and skills could also be successfully applied to operating within auditing firms, consulting firms and financial institutions.
  • The CFO plays a diverse set of key and challenging roles within all firms:
    • ensuring compliance with financial regulations, preparing financial statements and communicating value and risk information to investors and boards
    • providing financial leadership and aligning business and financial strategy to expand the business and make investments as well as overseeing the capital structure of the company
    • developing and implementing internal and management control systems designed to protect company assets and report business performance.
  • Teaching leverages on a large number of methods with different objectives: lectures, class discussion and press analysis to understand management models, algorithms and methodologies; case studies, videos, inviting speakers from the business community to visualize and scrutinize organizational complexity; finally, simulations to improve data analysis, interpretation and decision making.


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  • Giovanni Martinez
    "At my Exchange Program experience at the University of Manchester, I learned a very practical study approach, allowing me to understand difficult subjects more easily. While I was there, I got to know not only English culture, but also Indian and Asian cultures too!"