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Graduate School Governance

DEAN: Antonella Carù

The Dean reports to the University Rector and has the objective of optimizing program and overall teaching quality, as well as encouraging a renovation of the educational programs offered. This is carried out while respecting the general economic balance of the structure.

The Dean also collaborates with the qualified administrative offices in defining:

  • selection procedures for incoming students;
  • placement procedures;
  • guidelines for the communications, recruitment and promotion of the School's educational offer.

The following educational programs make up the Graduate School:

  • Master of Science programs
  • Pre-experience Specialized Master programs

The School's organizational structure (School Council, Coordinator, Administration Office) is therefore divided into two corresponding sections.


  • Regulations concerning roles and make-up
  • Graduate School Council - Master of Science section
  • Graduate School Council - Specialized Master section


  • Ms. Nicoletta Bianchi, Coordinator of Master of Science programs
  • Ms. Claudia Giardino, Coordinator of Specialized Master programs
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