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Permit of Stay

As the administrative procedures and travel restrictions are constantly evolving, don't forget to stay tuned with the latest updates published on the official Police, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites and keep monitoring this link for the latest news about travel documents and permits of stay.

NON-EU CITIZENS holding a residence permit issued by a European Union country (Schengen Area):
Non-EU incoming exchange students holding a Schengen permit of stay for study purposes issued by a European Union country (Schengen Area), that allows for the exemption from the entry visa and covers the entire mobility period (less than 360 days), do not have to apply for the permit of stay while in Italy. They must instead fill in a declaration of presence and submit it within 8 working days from their arrival at any Police Station in Milan (the one closest to Bocconi University is located at Via Tabacchi 6). You must always carry a copy of the declaration of presence, as you may be asked to show it in case of police checks.
IMPORTANT: if your Schengen permit of stay does not cover the entire period of mobility in Italy, you must instead apply for permit of stay in Italy.

Within 8 working days of their arrival in Italy, all NON-EU citizens who hold a valid student visa for Italy must apply for a permit of stay for study purposes (Permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio).
The permit of stay is issued by the Police Department (Questura - Ufficio Immigrazione) of the applicant’s place of residence in Italy.
The applicant must submit their application through the Post Office (Poste Italiane).

Post Offices closest to Bocconi

  • Via Cordusio, 4 (Central Post Office of Milan) - English, Spanish and Chinese speaking staff. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 19:00 | Saturday 8:30 - 12:30
  • Viale Sabotino, 21/a - Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:20 - 19:05 | Saturday: 8:20 - 12:35
  • Via Costantino Baroni, 11/C (near the Arcobaleno Residence) Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 08:20 - 13:35 | Saturday 8:20 - 12:35

Permit of Stay application

Step 1: post office application

Submit a copy of the following required documents at the post office (do NOT submit original documents):

• Completed Post Office Application/Kit: make sure to complete Modulo 1 (Form 1) included in the yellow-striped envelope application/kit for NON-EU citizens (available at the Post Office for free)
IMPORTANT: please write the following address on the application form: Via Mercanti 8, 20121 (Milan). This address must also be included on the €70,46 payment slip. Please note: this address is valid for the permit of stay first-release application, not for the permit of stay renewal application.

• Photocopy of the official Bocconi acceptance letter / declaration of enrollment (better if sealed by the Italian Consulate during the visa application process)

Photocopy of the passport (personal data page + student Visa page only) or other equivalent document (you must show the original document when submitting the application at the Post Office)

Photocopy of insurance policy: health insurance coverage is required in order to obtain a permit of stay in Italy. It must cover against the risk of illness and injury throughout the country, and for the entire period of validity of the Visa/permit of stay. If you have a private health insurance provider, you must have a certificate in English that specifies the start and end dates of this coverage which must be valid internationally. If you are not insured, you might consider purchasing WAI ITALY (formerly known as INA ASSITALIA)

Photocopy of Financial Statement: document certifying adequate financial resources (approximately €6.080 per year)

Italian duty stamp (Marca da Bollo) of €16,00. It can be purchased at any Tabacchi shop and it needs to be glued on Form 1 of the permit of stay application

Receipt of payment of €70,46 paid at the Post Office for the Permit of Stay. You will have to fill in the payment slip, included in the Post Office Kit, by indicating this amount in euros and by specifying the following address: Via Mercanti 8, 20121 (Milan).Please note: students who write the Via Mercanti, 8, 20121 (Milan) address in the post office application form, will get an appointment with the Immigration office at the Milan’s Police Headquarters at Via Montebello 26.

Application Fee: €30,00 to be paid at the Post Office when submitting the application

After submitting these documents at the Post Office, the applicant will receive the 2 following documents:
1. A ricevuta (mod.22A, certified letter receipt) with the user ID and password needed to monitor the status of the permit of stay application at http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it/ (click on Area Riservata Stranieri on the bottom right of the page)
2. A letter* with the date and time of the appointment at the Police Station to have photos and fingerprints taken. Students are required to go to the Immigration office on the date and time specified on the postal receipt.

*If this letter is not given to the applicant at the Post Office it will be sent later on as certified mail, called raccomandata, to the applicant's address in Italy. In case you don’t receive the letter by mail, please monitor your permit of stay application status at http://questure.poliziadistato.it/stranieri/?mime=1⟨=EN or at http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it/. You can access these websites by using your user ID and password found on your receipt (ricevuta).

Step 2: appointment at the Immigration Office (Questura-Ufficio Immigrazione)

IMPORTANT: don’t miss this appointment, since the fast-track option is available only once. If you miss this appointment, you will need to schedule a new one through Bocconi, which will take long. Moreover, in this case, you will be required to justify why you missed the first appointment.

The following documents are required (bring originals and photocopies of ALL your documents)

  • Passport or other equivalent document
  • Official Bocconi acceptance letter/declaration of enrollment (better if sealed by the Italian Consulate where the entry visa was issued)
  • 2 identical passport-size photos
  • Insurance policy: it must cover against the risk of illness and injury throughout the country, and for the entire period of validity of the Visa/permit of stay
  • A certificate of enrollment in the Bocconi academic program for Immigration Purposes (in Italian). This certificate is mandatory ONLY for students who - while in Italy -do not live in the city of Milan (and therefore have to apply in the city where they live). Those students who declare they are living in the city of Milan when filling out the permit of stay application DO NOT NEED to bring this certificate, thanks to a specific agreement between Bocconi and the Police of Milan
  • Financial Statement: document certifying adequate financial resources (approximately €6.080 per year)
  • Copy of the Accommodation Contract (MANDATORY when you show up at the Police Station).
    o If you live in a private flat a copy of the rental contract, which must state your name, must be signed and registered with the Tax Authorities (it’s your landlord’s duty to register the contract).
    o If you live in a university dorm: a declaration issued by the Housing Office stating that you live there
    o If you stay in a hotel/accommodation facility (e.g. Airbnb): a declaration from the administrator confirming that your place is booked
    o If you are hosted by a friend or a family member: declaration of hospitality (dichiarazione di ospitalità), a document stating that you are being hosted. Please refer to your landlord for all details.
    The document should be submitted by the host in person to the local Police station ("Commissariato di zona" of the area where you live) or sent via:
    • certified mail (“PEC”) to immig.quest.mi@pecps.poliziadistato.it
    • registered mail (raccomandata A/R) to the local Police station ("Commissariato di zona" – Ufficio Immigrazione). It must be dated and signed by the person who provides the accommodation, together with a copy of the student’s and the host’s ID, and a copy of their residence permit (if a non-EU citizen)
  • Post office receipt + receipt of payment of €70,46 paid at the Post Office for the permit of stay
  • During the appointment, students will have to specify their home address in Milan

For further information, please visit:

Step 3: collecting your permit of stay
Students will receive via SMS or by registered postal mail the next appointment with the Immigration Office for the collection of their permit of stay.

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