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Italian Language Courses

Fall 2023 in-person Italian Language Courses

  • In-person Italian Language Crash Course: this full immersion, 2-week intensive course aims to help exchange students familiarize themselves with Italian as a foreign language during the beginning of their stay in Italy. The course lasts for two weeks and is offered before the start of Bocconi classes. The program is designed to develop the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, in an integrated, practical and interactive way. The overall objective is to provide a general understanding of the Italian language and culture as well as raise students' awareness on aspects related to intercultural communication. Lessons are taught by professional and experienced teachers, who are Italian native speakers.
  • In-person Italian Language Follow-Up Course: the Follow-Up Course provides the opportunity for students who attend the Italian Language Crash Course to continue improving their Italian throughout the semester. Please note that it is not possible to register for the follow-up course only without registering for the Crash course first. This course is open ONLY to exchange students who register for, attend and pass the following Italian Crash Course levels: Beginner, Pre-Elementary, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate .

The Italian Language Crash Course and Follow-Up course are optional, non-credit granting extracurricular courses, therefore they are not included in the official Bocconi transcript nor in the students' study plan.


Italian Language Crash course
Italian Language Follow-up course
May 18-May 2023 May 18-May 2023
Registration fee
€ 250 (textbook not included)
€ 200
Class period
August 28–September 9, 2023
September 26–November 23, 2023
Class schedule
classes of 4-5 or 2 hours per day from Monday to Saturday
classes of 2 hours twice a week held in the late afternoon
40 hours
30 hours
Beginner, Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced
Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate ONLY (beginner and advanced courses will not be offered)

*Registration will be carried out on the Exchange Program online application (May 18-May 23). Classes will be activated according to the number of enrollments.

Attendance: attendance is mandatory for both courses: students who attend a minimum of 75% of the lessons and pass the final test will receive the Italian Language Course Participation Certificate, which will also include an overall evaluation: pass, fair, good or excellent. Late arrivals or early departures will be counted towards the total number of absences. Students who are unable to join the course before Lesson #4 will no longer be admitted as participants.

How to sign up/apply:
Interested students will be able to enroll and pay for the Italian language Crash course in the Exchange Program online application, after taking an online placement test which will determine their appropriate course level. After submitting their test, students will no longer be able to access it. Students are required to pay the course fee in the application platform, to finalize their enrollment in the course.
Students can choose between one of the following two options:

  1. Italian Crash Course ONLY (40 hours of lesson) OR
  2. Italian Crash Course + Follow-Up Course (40 + 30 hours of lesson). Only students who attend and pass the Crash course will be able to attend the Follow-up.

Please note: it will not be possible to register for the Follow-Up Course without registering for the Crash Course first.

Refund Policy: the registration fee will be fully refunded if:

  • the courses are cancelled by the ISD for reasons of force majeure or the ISD is unable to confirm the student’s course registration.
  • the student withdraws from the Exchange Program.

NO refund is foreseen if the Italian language courses overlap with Bocconi classes. Please check your Bocconi class timetable carefully at www.unibocconi.eu/classtimetable.

Spring 2024 in-person Italian Language Courses

More details will follow.

Spring 2024 online Italian Language Course

More details will follow.

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