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Research Projects

Students will be given the opportunity to carry out a research project (independent study) under the supervision of a Bocconi professor.

Project content, length and structure will be agreed between the student and the professor. The research will be graded and given credit, based on the recommendation of the supervisor, as one Bocconi course.

To identify a suitable professor, students can start from the list of courses offered, looking for those professors that teach subjects related to the project topic.
They may also ask the Academic Advisors for a suggestion regarding the sponsoring professor.

When including the research project in the study plan during the course selection, students are required to indicate an additional Bocconi course that will replace the project in case they do not find the suitable conditions for the research (e.g. it cannot be guaranteed that they will find a sponsoring professor). In this way students will be sure to earn the required number of credits, should they not manage to find a suitable project.

Exchange students may include only one research project in their study plan.
Please also note that exchange students are expected to select min. 2 up to max. 5 courses per semester, which means that they are not allowed to select any combination of courses with less than 2 Bocconi courses. 


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