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Castiglioni Residence


The Residence, which will be inaugurated in September 2018 but will open in the end of August as the other Residence Halls, is located right on campus.
It has single rooms in 2-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartments.

All rooms are furnished with:

  • a bed
  • a desk
  • a wardrobe

All rooms are equipped with:

  • a fridge
  • a safe
  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • WiFi internet

Available services

The following is provided:

  • blankets
  • sheets
  • pillowcases
  • towels

Linens are changed and rooms are cleaned once a week.
There is a common shared kitchen in each apartment. The furniture will meet the standards of the most recent Bocconi Residence Halls.
There is also a coin laundry area and common areas for studying, socializing and relaxing.
Images of the rooms will be made available after the opening of the residence hall.


Type A
single rooms in 4-bedroom apartments
Apartments have a living room with an open kitchen, 4 single rooms and 2 bathrooms.
Apartments may be mixed, but bathrooms are always gender-specific and shared with one other student.
Annual rate AY 2019-20: 7,500 euros (also available at a reduced rate)

Type B
single rooms in 2-bedroom apartments
Apartments have a living room with an open kitchen, 2 single rooms and a bathroom. Bathrooms are always gender-specific.
Annual rate AY 2019-20: 8,000 euros

Type C
Studio apartments 
Apartments have a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room/kitchen area. 
Annual rate AY 2019-20: 9,000 euros

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  • Alessia Campanella
    "Even if you're far from home, there's always someone to count on in the Residence Halls, giving you a sense of warmth and security. That's one of the reasons I'm a residence representative and tutor."
  • Luca Stanus Ghib
    "Living in the Residence Hall is perfect for anyone like me who wants to have some time alone. In my room, I have my books, my piano and lots of memories of my time here. It's my personal space that I can do whatever I want with!"
  • Sidar Cem Alagöz
    "What I love most about Residence life is the sharing. Once a month I get together with a group of international students for dinner to let everyone taste authentic Turkish food. It's a great opportunity to hang out and get to know new people!"

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