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If you want to embark on a path of development or acquire life skills that will be useful for your integration into university and expand of your personal experience and relationships, you can register for one or more of our courses.
Here below you find the list of the courses taught in english. For courses taught in italian, please visit the italian site.

Body Language in English

Course description

This course focuses on non-verbal aspects of communication, to learn the fundamental “vocabulary” of the body and begin to combine verbal and somatic components in all communicative settings.

Coordinator: Simone Pacchiele

  • When: I Semester
    11, 18, 25 November and 2 December 2020 (from 5:30 to 8:00 pm)

  • Registration period: from late October 2020

  • Number of participant: 25

  • How: in distance mode (zoom)
  • Participation fee: 15€

How to register

To register, fill the form here paying the contribution fee with credit card.
No refund with cancelation.

Personal Performance in English

Course Description

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Bocconi students aim at achieving brilliant goals and perform to the best of their abilities in every situation.

The English Personal Performance  course is focused on providing students the tools to always have access to all their personal resources even when faced with uncertainty, stress or urgent demand.

The course is held by Simone Pacchiele, the personal performance expert, who has been working with Bocconi for several years reaching outstanding results allowing participants to draw strength from themselves.

Coordinator: Simone Pacchiele

When: II Semester

Information available starting from December 2020

Public Speaking in English

Course description 

The greatest orators in history are remembered for their ability to engage the audience, always admired and respected by the crowd. Effective communication is essential now more than ever. It needs to be able to convince listeners of our skills and establish a relationship of trust with the audience. You can learn to speak in public naturally and effectively with the right method: this is the aim of the course, which teaches the basic rules of communication, emphasizing the importance of nonverbal aspects. To allow you to do your best and put yourself to the test, the course will help you recognize and manage the mechanisms of anxiety that act to hinder the creation of a well-structured, enjoyable and engaging presentation.

Alessandro Lucchini

  • When: II Semester
  • Information available starting from December 2020

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