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Health and Wellness

NOVEMBER: campaign about healthy eating habits
Having healthy eating habits helps you maintain your quality of life high even after your 20 years. Bocconi offers you self-assessment questionnaires, together with free of charge and personalized appointments and information resources. Find out here how to make profit of these opportunities.


Health service
Healthcare in Italy is guaranteed by public facilities. All EU and non-EU citizens may visit local healthcare offices (ASL) for their individual needs. For more information, click here.


Prevention and On Campus Support
Bocconi focuses considerable attention on aspects related to the wellness and quality of life of its students, faculty and staff. For more information about prevention and on campus support, click here.


Wellness courses 
Campus Life offers many opportunities to improve your awareness of the relationship between mind and body and to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestile, thus achieving a psychophysical balance and all-around personal health. Here you can find courses organized for you.


Physicians and Agreements 
To find out more about healthcare agreements, click here.


Students with Disabilities 
For information on the support, assistance and services available to students with disabilities, click here.





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