Program Structure


Main topics

  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Calculus
  • Writing for Business
  • Seminars on soft skills

The first year includes foundational business courses like Microeconomics for Business and Marketing Fundamentals, along with classes designed to build essential business skills like Writing and Critical Reasoning
Students can select from a variety of humanities courses designed to develop analytical and communication skills.



Main topics

  • Accounting
  • Business in Asia
  • Chinese communication
  • Organization

During the second year, students will gain professional and technical knowledge while developing a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking. Courses will offer unique insights into the way business works in China and Asia and provide an introduction to the Chinese languages.
Other courses such as Business Statistics and Introduction to Information Systems emphasize mathematical and analytical skills. Students will take their first Accounting class and develop critical-thinking skills.



Main topics

  • Finance
  • Global History
  • Management and Economic Policy in Europe
  • Law
  • Public Management
  • Second foreign language

Courses in the third year will include Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, and European Economic Policy. Students will examine the fundamentals of Italian civil law within the broader framework of European legal culture, and analyze economic developments in Western nations in Global History. The course in Public Management will explore the complex relations between private businesses and the government bodies for whom they supply products, services and management know-how at the national and local levels.
In additional classes, students will learn about the specifics of doing business in the European Union and build introductory Italian language skills.



Main topics

  • 3 electives on specific individual interests and objectives
  • Business Communications
  • Ethics
  • Strategy

The fourth and final year reinforces an integrated view of business with courses in Business Communications, Ethics and Strategy.
Year four also allows students to focus on specific interests and objectives, not only in the choice of which school to attend, but also through the selection of 3 elective courses.

Program requirements are subject to change.

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