A.y. 2020-2021

The University has been committed to an investment policy supporting deserving students for many years, through an expanding financial aid system based on both merit and need.

When evaluating students for admission, top candidates may be assigned a Merit or International Award covering 100% or 50% of yearly tuition and fees.
There is no need to apply for these merit scholarships as the Scholarship Committee assigns them independently.

European students and students with a permanent address in Italy may apply for low interest loans thanks to an agreement between Bocconi and major European banks, while US citizens can apply for a federal loan (FAFSA).

Bocconi has a detailed system of financial assistance and scholarships.

  • Other Financial Aid Opportunities
    Grants for international mobility or internship, reductions on canteen service and many other opportunities for different needs

  • Loans and Other Opportunities
    Other opportunities are available to provide you peace of mind as you study, thanks to an agreement between Bocconi and major European banks

Please be aware that this information is currently being updated and new information will be available soon.

For complete information about

  • financial aid and scholarships and the specific requirements
  • documentation to submit
  • deadlines and methods for each opportunity

browse the section for current students updated with info for this academic year.


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