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Undergraduate and Law Support Scheme a.y. 2024-25

Bocconi has always been committed to making higher education available to all motivated and talented students through a financial aid system, based on both merit and need. The "Bocconi4Access to Education" support scheme aims at promoting access to a plural environment, to an open and accessible university for students who share progress, plurality and inclusion as fundamental values for their personal, cultural and professional growth.

Opportunities may vary from year to year based in part on the funds made available by donors to the University.

Please find below the funding opportunities available for a.y. 2024-25.

These opportunities offer a different kind of support to families and, in most cases, take into consideration the economic and asset situation of students' families.

Each opportunity consists of a full or partial tuition waiver, based on the student’s and family's economic needs. We suggest that each family, who considers it appropriate, applies through the single “Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-25” application .

All applications will be evaluated, and benefits will be allocated until all the available budget has been exausted.

Please visit our dedicated webpage if you are an italian candidate.

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Bocconi Access to Education Scholarships

Bocconi aims to support deserving students who are willing to invest in their future, even in challenging and potentially constraining economic family conditions.

These funding opportunities guarantee a wide coverage of the student's needs, depending on the circumstances:

Boost Your Future Scholarships

Through these Scholarships, Bocconi supports students who, even with their family support, still require significant assistance in addition to their family's investment, that could enable them to pursue their studies without concerns:

Tuition waivers based on specific student features


Our University, in agreement with major Italian banks, offers its students the possibility to finance their education through student loans, at particularly favorable interest rates with the repayment provision only after entering the job market.

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