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Bocconi Research for Europe and the World Economy

The Sharing Economy of Innovation
an open debate among researchers, business leaders and policy makers

23 October 2017
,  5:00pm
Bocconi University
Aula Magna Via Roentgen 1

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More and more researchers and companies share information and data. What are the implications for innovation and competition? What about the risks for security and privacy? Should the policy framework for intellectual property be adjusted?

Welcome Greetings 
Gianmario Verona Rector, Bocconi University

Research snippets corporate investment in public science 
Ashish Arora Duke University
Based on the research paper "Killing the Golden Goose? The Decline of Science in Corporate R&D" with Sharon Belenzon (Duke University) and Andrea Patacconi (Norwich Business School)

The value of innovation sharing
Alfonso Gambardella Bocconi University
Based on the research paper "Endogenous Openness: The Increasing Profitability of Free Substitutes for Proprietary Design" " with Eric von Hippel (MIT)

Legal keys to open (private) data 
Maria Lillà Montagnani Bocconi University
Based on the research paper "Beyond Public Sector Information: Exploring Legal Keys to Open (Private) Data" with Aura Bertoni and Maria Teresa Maggiolino (Bocconi University)

Panel discussion 
moderated by Tim Harford Financial Times
Ilaria Capua Director, One Health Center of Excellence Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida
Diego Piacentini Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda
Marco Tronchetti Provera Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Pirelli
António Vicente Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation


Bocconi Research for Europe and the World Economy (BREWE)
The Bocconi Research for Europe and the World Economy aims to blend the international strength of the university’s academic research with our long tradition as a forum for public debate on pressing questions for policymakers and business leaders. At the service of society and communities of practice, Bocconi’s academic research can stimulate debate to support leaders and executives in the changing landscape of the global economy and society.

The program has a macro and micro component, both incorporating multi-disciplinary elements that blend economics and management with social, policy, and practice analysis. Two public events are held per year as part of the program. The macro and micro themes for the Spring and Fall 2017 editions are, respectively:

Globalization at a Turning Point? Challenges for Europe, coordinated by Guido Tabellini, with a public event on 13 March 2017 taking advantage of both the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the European Research Council (ERC Week).

BREWE: previous editions


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