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BETA - Bocconi Education and Teaching Alliance

BETA means Bocconi Education & Teaching Alliance.

It is the Center created to discuss and design the future of learning in our University and to support faculty's needs and ideas.

It is an Alliance composed by Academic Affairs Division, ASIT, LIA, Library, Schools and students.

We work together to provide inspiration and support to change and improve teaching and learning experience at Bocconi.

We are currently working on new learning ecosystems composed of classrooms, interactive methodologies and new technologies. Our projects include the study of innovative classrooms layouts, the introduction of tablets in a master degree, a set of seminars to discuss with our faculty how to improve  pedagogies, new assessment methodologies, and now also the production of the first series of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in partnership with Coursera.

Faculty and Staff can find an output of this collaboration and support in the BETA Tab on the top-righit of their personal Agenda: a series of handbooks on different topics as a common effort to develop codified knowledge for all of us.

Currently BETA together with Faculty and Staff is waking on the production of three MOOCs:

  1. Financing and Investing in Infrastructure (online dal 9 Giugno)
  2. Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies (online at the end of September)
  3. International Organizational Behavior and Leadership (online in December)

This is the link to Bocconi's courses on Coursera.

To know more about our activities and projects, have a look here

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