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Multipoint Videoconferencing via Internet

What is videoconferencing
Videoconferencing is the synchronous interaction of audio, video and data between two or more parties. Communicating using videoconferencing depends on the availability of equipment that supports the capture, encryption, transmission and decryption of audio and video, and the ability of that equipment to converse using a common standard protocol.


How it can be used
The videoconferencing service offered by ICT is available to support teaching and research activities, including:
- distance learning
- contacts with students abroad
- seminars
- presentations
- international meetings and project coordination
- contacts with other Universities


Videoconference room: Its equipment and where it is located
The videoconference room is located in the ICT office of Via Gobbi 5 on the fourth floor.
The room provides two large projection screens used to display shared documents and the people linked by the various nodes. The room also has a high quality audio system.

Who to contact
The ICT Multimedia Learning Management staff is available for support when utilizing the videoconferencing service for teaching and research needs.

For information or requests, please write to

Technical specifications
The videoconferencing system is based on H.323 standards (videoconferencing through IP) and H.320 standards (videoconferencing through ISDN) and can host mixed multipoint videoconferencing, managing points linked with the two different standards at the same time. The system can support speeds from 128 Kbps (2 BRI) to 2 Mbps (1 PRI).


Launch of project
Testing of the technology and its use were carried out in collaboration with CINECA and the Perth, Australia Curtin University of Technology (Learning Support Network).
Università Bocconi participated in the latest edition of Megaconference, an annual meeting where videoconferencing experiences from all over the world are shared, using the technology that is the subject of the conference. In addition, Università Bocconi participated in the work group GARR-Netcast for the testing of audio and video applications on European research networks.

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