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e-learning and research

MLM (Multimedia Learning Management) is the IT research and services structure founded by ICT in 1999 to support and circulate the use of elearning platforms. MLM also contributes to the creation of academic multimedia projects of general interest to the University.

MLM makes their IT know-how and competencies available to university programs and SDA Bocconi initiatives.
In addition to the functional characteristics of the elearning infrastructures, it defines the standards for the planning and allocation of multimedia teaching modules, evaluating the Learning Objects' minimal prerequisites.

This structure enhances specific activities by providing support to students and participants by email. It assists academic staff through personalizing training regarding the technological potential of the platforms. 
Lastly, it is in charge of the relative activities concerning access to courses.

Test projects in the IT area
MLM test activities are concentrated on the search for innovative technologies and tools to support teaching.

With this objective, tests projects carried out in 2006, in collaboration with other ICT offices and with CINECA (Consorzio Interuniversitario per il Calcolo Automatico dell'Italia Nord Orientale), made it possible to active a multi-videoconference service in 2007.
This service is available to academic staff, non-teaching staff, and University and SDA Bocconi Research Centers to support teaching and research activities, such as distance learning, contact with students abroad, seminars, presentations, meetings and coordination of international projects, and online connections with other universities.

A test regarding the podcasting service applied to lessons, seminars and events is in progress, which takes into consideration the need of being able to widen the communication channels and the continuous evolution of technology. The project includes the evaluation of the necessary infrastructures and its relative costs, in collaboration with the offices that are in charge of the ICT infrastructure and systems.

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