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UNIVERSITA' COMMERCIALE "LUIGI BOCCONI" (hereinafter referred to as "Bocconi University"), having its registered office in Milano at via Sarfatti 25, hereby declares that it falls within the field of application of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 dealing with the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), with reference to use of the data subject's personal data (hereinafter referred to as "Data") also includes data regarded as "sensitive" (in the broadest sense of the term provided by the Law,) namely information relating to health, membership of student political groups, information relating to racial or ethnic origin, handicapped family members, etc., provided by the data subject or collected from scholastic or tertiary institutions attended by the data subject before or during the data subjects university career, and also in any moment following graduation.

1. Purposes and Processing Data

Your image and information connected with the university career and produced by Bocconi University during the performance of its institutional tasks, shall be subject to processing, including by electronic or automated means, for:

a) The performance of institutional tasks of the University and all obligations of the Law, as well as the performance of activities, carrying out of institutional events such as graduation ceremonies and related video shots, tasks and obligations connected with the Regulations of Bocconi University applying to the program of study, said regulations can be consulted on the Internet site at in Statuto e Regolamenti; allocation of the ID card in order to gain access to University services; communications to the family unit regarding the university career; communication as part of the class group assigned to you relating to exam assessment; sending multimedia aids; circulation of periodical publications reserved exclusively for students of Bocconi University, containing important institutional events in your career and your university life; workplace orientation initiatives (internships and placement); the presentation of the Bocconi Alumni Association community, networking and tutoring among students and alumni; post-graduation training; research and statistics; allocation of scholarships.

b) The circulation of periodical publications namely Bocconi News, in both printed and electronic format to the email address you provide to us; other editorial/digital/paper activities for communication/promotion purposes of the University requiring the use of images carried out on Campus.

2. Circulation and Communication of Data

Data may be accessed by employees of Bocconi University, faculty of the courses you attend and those required by Law or for carrying out of the university career, that have the need in order to perform duties or given their position held, as well as other entities providing services to Bocconi University, who the University has specifically nominated as responsible or qualified for the processing the data of such subjects, in relation to their duties, shall have access to the pertinent data.

In addition, the data subject's data may be communicated to:

a) public entities both national and international such as Ministries and Public Administration Offices, in relation to the performance of the institutional tasks of the University including those relating to procedures for issuing the permit to stay;

b) to natural persons or legal entities, external bodies and associations, including public, professional studios and companies (also outside of the Republic of Italy) for the purposes set forth at point 1; said data may also be communicated to other legal entities (Bocconi Alumni Association, Istituto Javotte Bocconi, ISU Bocconi);

c) to international entities, in relation to participation in international programs; to the Egea bookshop connected to the University in order to obtain the student discount card.

3. Granting of Data

Granting of data for the purposes set out in points 1.a), 2.a) and 2.b) is mandatory, as failure to grant this consent would result in the inability to continue a relationship with Bocconi University.

Granting of data for the purposes set out in points 1.b) and 2.c) is optional, but failure to do so will result in Bocconi University being unable to provide said services.

4. Sensitive Data

The sensitive data of data subjects, in accordance with the Law, means information relating to health, political opinions, membership of student political groups, information relating to racial or ethnic origin, etc., shall only be processed for the purposes allowed for by the Law and only for tasks of the University. If data subjects do not provide consent for the processing of sensitive data, Bocconi University will not be able to enroll the data subject in the University.

5. Data Subject's Rights

Data subjects can exercise their rights pursuant to Section 7 of the Law, among others, they can obtain a copy of the data to be informed of the updating, rectification, or, where interested therein, integration of the data and erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully.
Data subjects rights in accordance with ex Section. 7 of Italian D.Lgs. 196/2003 maybe exercised by making a request to the data controller of Universit√† Commerciale "Luigi Bocconi", Academic Affairs Division, P.zza Sraffa 13, 20125 Milan, Ing. Roberto Grassi, by indicating in the subject line of the request "Right to Access request".

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