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Università Bocconi, in compliance with Italian current regulations, issues certifications with duty stamp “marca da bollo”. The certifications issued by public administration offices as regards status and personal information are valid and can be used only in relations between private parties. In relations with the public administration and public services managers, certifications and official deeds (notarial deeds) are always substituted by self-declarations.The Guide to the University of the current academic year contains all detailed information.
The methods for requesting certifications may vary according to the applicant's profile.

Are you enrolled in a degree program?  Access your yoU@B Diary and use the cert@B procedure to forward your request. Carefully check the Guide to the University for all detailed information.
Are you a graduate?Access your yoU@B Diary and use the cert@B procedure to forward your request. We remind you that in order to access the yoU@B Diary you must use your Student ID number* and the password you used to access the University Services.
*(if your Student ID number is structured into 6 numbers only, you must digit a 0 before it).
The password to access the online services can be retrieved by using the appropriate password recovery function available in the login screen of the yoU@B Diary.
You will have to answer the secret questions chosen when you entered the yoU@B for the first time and/or subsequently modified. If you never accessed the Diary or you cannot retrieve the credentials please send this form, appropriately filled out and signed, along with the whole copy of your passport or other ID document to this address : we will send you  the needed instructions.
Are you a student who withdrew from studies or former visiting student (single courses more than 18 months ago) or you are disqualified student?  Follow the instructions available on the website and use the buycert@B  procedure to make the request.
Are you a Company, Organization, Association etc and you have to confirm/verify the academic qualification of a Bocconi graduate? You must send a request to (Companies must attach the authorization signed in original by the candidate for the processing of his/her personal data).


Remember that in dealing with the Public Administration offices and with private firms managing public services, certifications must always be substituted by SELF-DECLARATIONS, not subject to a stamp duty ‘imposta di bollo’. To help you, self-declaration samples have been made available by Università Bocconi. Such documents can be printed out from the reserved area by accessing the Punto Blu via the yoU@B Diary, on campus and online from home.



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