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China Master in International Management

The China Master in International Management (China MIM) is an intensive full-time two-year graduate program taught in English. The program targets Third Year Bachelor students that will graduate by July 2017.

The first year of study takes place in China at Fudan University (Shanghai) and the second year at Univesità Bocconi.
At the conclusion of their studies, participants will be awarded both a Master in International Business degree issued by Fudan and the Italian MSc degree in International Management issued by Bocconi.

The program offers students the opportunity to learn about the managerial issues companies face when expanding abroad and operating in international markets. Graduates from China MIM will enter the workforce with the credentials and skills - analytical and pragmatic business capabilities, cross-cultural interpersonal experience, access to a global network of Bocconi graduates and international faculty - which make the difference.

The China MIM aims at providing excellent young students with a strong knowledge and understanding of Italy and China from both a business management and a cultural perspective. The objective of the program is to meet the demand of companies operating in the two markets or willing to internationalize and create professionals able to fill such a gap in the marketplace. Students will be well-prepared to be managers of foreign subsidiaries or functional managers engaged in foreign operations in larger multinational enterprises.

The program takes place in the two leading financial cities in Italy and China, Milan and Shanghai - ideal locations for the students in terms of future contacts and opportunities within the respective marketplaces.

In addition, students will be given the opportunity to apply such knowledge and to acquire contents within two different environments, therefore gaining familiarity with the two markets and their primary differences, complexities and opportunities.

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