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Admission to Single Courses for Visiting Students 2017-2018 a.y.

Università Bocconi gives visiting students (students who are currently enrolled at a University abroad or already graduated in a foreign University) the opportunity to take courses on a fee-paying basis. Students are offered a wide range of courses to choose from including both the Undergraduate and MSc course portfolios (on the right-hand corner of this webpage, at the Download area are available two forms, needed for the choice of the courses) .

The course programs are published on the website at this link course programs .

The timetables will be available, in the second half of July at this timesheet (timesheet for 2017-2018 a.y.).

Students are required to verify lessons and exams calendar: changes in classes or exams timetables will not be possible.

Students cannot choose more than 60 credit points per year.






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