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Admissions to Master Programs

Università Bocconi offers a broad range of Master programs (one year Programs, Specialized master porgrams - Master Universitari) designed to meet the ongoing educational needs of new graduates, as well as those of employed people seeking to enhance and deepen their competencies in a specified area.

In order to be admitted to a Master Universitario you need:

  • a BSc or Ba program degree for a First level Master
  • a MSc or MA program degree for a Second level Master

Please note that "Master Universitario" qualification does not allow access to PhD and to 3rd cycle programmes.
Most of the Programs are coordinated by the Graduate School and they are focusing on specific company functions, market segments or areas of expertise with a decidedly international viewpoint. All the programs are First level Master programs.

Two Masters are part of the School of Law. Both of them are Second level Master programs

Other Programs are included in the Portfolio of the SDA Bocconi – School of Management; one is a First level Master program and the other is a Second level Master program.

In addition to rigorous training, students acquire a set of skills that are immediately attractive on the job market. A mix of theory and practice is particularly effective, as confirmed by graduate placement statistics.


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