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Healthy Eating Habits 2018

Each year, Bocconi supports several prevention and awareness campaigns. We believe that it is important to focus on health starting from a young age, in order to guarantee for the future the same level of wellness and quality of life you have in your 20s.

At Bocconi, November is the month dedicated to healthy eating.

What does that include? An informational campaign, but also the chance for a self-assessment of your relationship with food. You can potentially make an individual appointment, confidential and free, with the Counseling service, reserved to the students, to clear up any doubts you may have and ask for advice. There are two steps that we suggest:

1. Use a few self-assessment tools:

    • download an app that can record your eating habits from Google Play or the AppStore. This will allow you get an “objective” awareness of how much and what you actually eat every day
    • answer the three anonymous self-assessment questionnaires that we have prepared, at this link: they can help you more explicitly express any problems related to eating

2. Make a personalized and free appointment (reserved to the students) with Counseling & Self Empowerment, to examine your relationship with food and get useful suggestions and recommendations.

In addition, in the month of November the B.Bar will offer you a dedicated menu, which will give you the possibility to taste a healthy and enjoyable food.

Finally you can get more information on what healthy eating means through the following links (information in Italian):

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