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Interdisciplinary courses

The Sapere a Tutto Campo interdisciplinary courses are opportunities offered to Bocconi students to enrich their cultural backgrounds on topics not related to economics and law.

Previous knowledge of these topics is not required. Students who attend classes will be given a certificate of participation.

Fall semester a.y. 2018-19

The colours of the Cosmos
Giuseppe Gavazzi — Astrophysics Professor
University of Milano-Bicocca

DIVERSITY (in Italian)
Principles of Hinduism and Contemporary Indian Society
Alberto Pelissero — Associate Professor
University of Turin

MUSIC (in Italian)
Social History of Pop and Rock Music
Gianni Sibilla Director of Master in Musical Communication of Cattolica University

Spring semester a.y. 2018-19

DIVERSITY (in Italian)
Cultural Traditions in East Asia
Nicoletta Celli — Coordinator of MA in Historical and Oriental Sciences
University of Bologna

Greek mythology: at the origins of arts and Western culture
Giuseppe Zanetto — Professor of Greek language and literature
University of Milan

 GEOPOLITICS (in Italian - reserved to Undergrad students)
 Europe: internal challenges, external threats 
 Paolo Magri — Director of ISPI, Institute for International Policy Studies

The cognitive brain
Alberto Oliverio — Professor Emeritus of Psychobiology
University of Rome “La Sapienza”


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