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To promote the use of reusable water bottles, Bocconi University decided to install two Eco-friendly water machines. They dispense half liters of filtered and chilled water. 

Each half liter costs 10 cents and can be purchased using a rechargeable smartcard. The cards and the water bottles are on sale at the EGEA bookstore in via Bocconi 8. The two water points are located in the buildings at Via Sarfatti 25 and Piazza Sraffa 13.

Bocconi’s Eco-friendly Water Machines could lead at the elimination of 10.4 tons of CO2 – a figure equal to the emissions released annually to produce, transport and dispose of the 460,000 PET bottles sold each year on campus. 

To absorb the same amount of CO2 in a year would take 690 trees in the city or 345 trees in the natural environment.


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