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Objective: saving paper

A project of the Teaching Division: work undertaken to reduce the use of paper in 2009-12.

1. Collective Report                                        

In 2009 a collective report was introduced for written tests in place of the individual report.  Each page contained the scores of 50 students

Result: a saving of around 107,000 pages a year.

2. Printed Certificates                                       

In March 2010 a new IT system, ESSE3, was introduced making all student records (such as certificates of exams passed), which previously had to be printed out, became available online.

Result: a saving of around 160,000 pages a year.

Also, for certificates that had to be printed, layout was improved reducing the average number of pages from 4 to 2.

Result: a saving of around 130,000 pages a year.

3. Sending a copy of the academic record to the residential address                                 

In 2011 it was decided to send the academic record to students’ residential address only in cases of difficult circumstances (approximately 3%).

Result: a saving of around 26,000 pages a year.

4. Printing of graduate thesis

In 2012 it was decided to give the Degree Commissions and the thesis supervisors copies of theses in book version instead of the bound version.

Result: a reduction of 50% in paper used;  a saving of around 200,000 pages a year.

5. Printing of certificates                                       

With the introduction in 2012 of self-certification, an estimated 50% fewer certificates were issued during the year.

Result: a saving of around 130,000 pages a year.

The measures put in place resulted in a saving of more than 750,000 pages a year, as well lower consumption of ink and electricity for printing, and lower transport and storage costs.

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