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Environmental sustainability initiatives

Bocconi Green is the new site area dedicated to the environmental sustainability initiatives undertaken by the University. 

Many ongoing and work-in-progress green projects are being promoted by the University: 


Bocconi Sustainability Committee

In the spring of 2013, Bocconi University established a Sustainability Committee composed of professors, staff members and students, with the task of promoting and coordinating university projects on sustainability goals. The Chairman of the Sustainability Committee is Professor Francesco Perrini.


Sustainable Management

The Bocconi Energy/Environment Project guidelines for property management and the construction of new buildings are drawn from principles of technological innovation and environmental sustainability that put biocompatibility and eco-sustainability first:

  • geobiology, for correct orientation of the structure according to the rules of terrestrial magnetism
  • solar modelling, for maximum penetration of sunlight into the buildings
  • acoustic climate, for protection from noise
  • seismic security, with specific measures to ensure adequate emergency exits
  • water security, for the collection and slow dispersal of rainfall
  • long-term durability
  • elevation of the needs of the community and individuals and ensure maximum flexibility over time
  • use of alternative energy, use of geothermics, district heating system integrated with solar panels, photovoltaic cells, and the construction of equipment that deliver exceptional service
  • reduction in water use
  • education of the Bocconi population in how not to waste resources.

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All this has brought economic benefits and reduced environmental impact:

  • electricity savings of 27% of the overall cost to the University compared to 2007 (work on the district heatig system/air conditioning, lighting and on the cladding of the building)
  • reduction in pollution from the heating plant
  • making the most of the site to building ratio to give more space to socialization.

The Bocconi Energy/Environment Project is the principal axis of the eco-sustainability of the Boccon’s Urban Campus which will be completed in the next few years.



The attention of the University to sustainability is also expressed in the educational goals of teaching and research

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