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Divisions, Services and Functions

Bocconi University Staff is comprised of Divisions, Services and Functions under the guidance of the Managing Director, Riccardo Taranto.


Student Affairs Division
Director: Paolo Cancelli @

ISU Bocconi Director: Salvatore Grillo @

Markets and External Affairs Division
Director: Laura Candotti @

Career Service – Isabelle Lhuillier @

Academic Affairs Division
Director: Roberto Grassi @

Academic Planning Area: Mariapia Chisari @

Faculty and Research Division
Director: Marcello Valtolina @ 

Development and Alumni Engagement Division
Director: Riccardo Taranto (interim) @

Alumni Engagement: Elena Gelosa @

Development Activities: Francesca Anders De Marco @

Information and Communication Technology
Director: Marco Maffè @

Speed Mi Up
Director: Fausto  Pasotti @

Infrastructure, Logistics and Purchasing
Director: Nicolò Di Blasi @

Events and Ceremonies – Nicolò Di Blasi @

Communication and Marketing
Director: Stefania Bianchi @
Market Analysis and Benchmarking – Marco Bianchi @

Media Relations – Barbara Orlando @

Corporate Image, Publications and Web – Giuseppe Pantò @

Institutional Affairs Service and Secretary of the University Board 
Director: Silvia Colombo @

Director: Marisa Santarsiero @

Human Resources
Director: Giorgio Banfi @

Administration and Finance
Director: Fabio Bellet @

Planning, Budget and Control

Director: Gabriella Zanga @

Legal Office

Director: Michelangela Verardi @

Compliance / Process Analysis and Development
Director: Erika Zancan @

Process Analysis and Development – Pietro Strada @

Compliance and Internal Audit - Erika Zancan @ 

SDA Bocconi School of Management
Chief Operating Officer: Lucia Benedetti @

Business Development  – Marialuisa Ortini @

Communication and Marketing: Alessandro Polidori – Vidal @

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