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Bocconi Podcasts: much more than words.

The world keeps on moving and evolving: to better navigate this ever-changing scenario, understanding it and creating your opinion on reality is fundamental.

Bocconi podcasts are great tools to do that. They enable listeners to go deeper and learn more about topics that really matter, in order to get inspired and gain new perspective on relevant issues. Another platform to fulfill our mission of spreading knowledge around the world.

Welcome to our podcasts.

the talent show


THE TALENT SHOW is a new podcast series created in partnership with FT Talent. Hosted by a person under 30 - our alumna Virginia Stagni - for people under 30 around the world, it aims to be a guide to drive innovation and change with analysis and advice on how to get ahead in the most covetred sectors. In each episode we speak to Bocconi Alumni and Professors - experts in different fields - and delve deep into the topics that really matter to the younger generation today. We find inspiring tips, analyze trends and bridge generational gaps. Also, we didn't rely just on our own curiosity, we invited students and young professionals to ask our guests their questions directly!

think diverse

Think Diverse

THINK DIVERSE is a fresh and deep look at the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. The host is Catherine De Vries, Professor of Political Science and Dean for International Affairs at Bocconi University, Milan. In every episode, she picks the brain of one of her Bocconi colleagues about their research about diversity and inclusion topics. Because we all need to understand how diversity manifests itself in our daily lives, our society and our economy.

story scanner

Story Scanner

Everybody tells a story. But nobody tells it as we do. This podcast series collects facts and reports from ViaSarfatti25, Bocconi University's magazine. Listen to what professors and researchers have to say about the big topics in the fields of business, management, data science and politics.

clarity cover

Clarity in a Messy World

What are the causes behind the most puzzling issues of our time? This series of talks shines a light on solutions for this chaotic world, in order to gain clarity thanks to the experience of guest experts interviewed by David W. Callahan.

executive chats

Executive chats

Bocconi University's former Rector Gianmario Verona meets top executives in the frontline in facing the challenges of the digital century. Bite-sized talks with plenty of insights.
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