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International Students

Welcome to Bocconi

Exchange students
If you are spending one semester at Bocconi as an exchange student, please click on International Student Desk.

Regular foreign students
If you already enrolled in Bocconi degree courses and want to get information about the services offered by the International Student Desk, click on regular
If you are a prospective foreign student and you want to get more information on enrollment, click on International Recruitment Services

Visiting students - single courses
If you are spending one semester at Bocconi as a "corsi singoli" student, please check the Admissions office web page for all administrative procedures or click on corsi singoli and have a look at the services offered by the International Student Desk.


Bocconi Merit Awards
- Information on Bocconi Undergraduate Merit Awards
- Information on Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards




Every year, more and more students come to Milan from all over the world to experience the many opportunities that Bocconi makes available for international students. If you're prepared to take the leap or you're simply curious to know what is going on in their lives, click here to have a look!

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