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Courses and Requirements

Lessons start at the beginning of September. You can not attend the program through distance learning.

Please note that the study program of the a.y. 2014 - 2015 might be subject to minor changes.

First year - a.y. 2013 - 2014

You have to attend 1 Preparatory course in Mathematics + 1 precourse in Probability and 12 compulsory courses.
Courses refer to 3 main sequences:
1 Economic and Social Sciences for Business Studies;
2 Fundamental of Business;
3 Methods

You have an exam for each course and then, at the end of the year, you have to pass the General Exam in the sequence of Fundamental of Business. 


1 Mathematics - Preparatory course 12
F. Tonoli
1 Precourse in Probability 12 C. Gigliarano
1 Strategy 24 C. Williams Fundamental of Business
1 Microeconomic Analysis 24+12 C. Panico Economic and Social Sciences for BusinessStudies
1 Mathematics & Statistics for Business Studies 12 N. Serrano Velarde Methods
2 Organization Science 24 A. Grandori Fundamental of Business
2 Business Economics Firm Behavior I 24 A. Fosfuri Economic and Social Sciences for Business Studies
2 Econometrics of Linear Models 24+12 N. Serrano Velarde Methods
3 Marketing Theory 24 A. Ordanini Fundamental of Business
3 Technology Strategy 24 M. Giarratana Fundamentals of Business
3 Microeconometrics 24+12 T. Nannicini Methods
4 Sociology for Business Studies 24 F. Perretti Economic and Social Sciences for
Business Studies
4 Business Economics & Firm Behavior II 24 G. Valentini Economic and Social Sciences for Business Studies
4 Applied Business Studies 24+12 A. Gambardella
J.R. Horwitz



September   RETAKE

Second year - a.y. 2014 - 2015 
In your second year you must choose: 1 field major, 1 field minor + 2 electives + track Advanced Methods (compulsory) + Economics of Contracts (compulsory) to reach a total of 12 courses. The fields among which  students can choose their major and minor include: Strategy, Marketing, Organization, Technology, Accounting* (*jointly with the PhD in Economics and Finance).

You have an exam for each course and then, at the end of the year, you have to pass the Field Exam concerning the  field major you have chosen.
Before you enter your third year, you have to start writing your research proposal.


1 Corporate Strategy 24 M. Zollo Strategy
1 Consumer Behavior 24 G. Sarial Abi Marketing
1 Organizational Behavior 24 M. Magni Organization
1 Technology and Innovation Management 24 G. Verona Technology
1 Accounting I * 24 S. Bar-Yosef Accounting
1 Social Network Analysis 24 G. Soda Advanced Methods
2 Entrepreneurship 24 C. Salvato Strategy
2 Marketing Modeling 24 S. Delre Marketing
2 Advanced Organizational Sociology 24 P. Haunschild Organization
2 Economics of Innovation and Technological Change 24 F. Malerba Technology
2 Accounting II* 24 S. Bar-Yosef Accounting
2 Qualitative Research Methods 24 S. Borghini Advanced Methods
3 International Business 24 T. Pedersen Strategy
3 Advanced Marketing Strategy 24 J. Nunes Marketing
3 Labor Relations & Human Resource Management 24 A. Camuffo Organization
3 Technology and Innovation Management - Advanced 24 L. Jeppesen Technology
3 Management Accounting Research * 24 M. Gietzmann Accounting
3 Laboratory and Field Experimental Methods 24 Z. Estes Advanced Methods

* These courses are jointly offered with the PhD in Economics and Finance


Third year  / Fourth year 

The third and fourth years are largely devoted to research and the preparation of the thesis.Students will have to:

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