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  Dean of the PhD School:
  Prof. Alfonso Gambardella

 Our mission is to empower talent through
our quality international programs.
We help our students realize their potential and
guarantee them an excellent position on the
international job market.

The PhD School brings together the PhD programs offered by Università Bocconi and acts as a point of reference for the academic careers of the university's PhD candidates.
PhD candidates have the opportunity to deepen their background and advance their research, supported by the Bocconi Faculty and through exchanges with the best American and European universities.


Bocconi PhD School coordinates and supervises 5 PhD programs (a.y. 2014-15):

PhD in Economics and Finance (4-year program)

PhD in Business Administration and Management (4-year program)

PhD in Statistics (4-year program)

PhD in Public Policy and Administration (4-year program)

PhD in Legal Studies (3-year program)



Download the School Presentation (pdf, 462 KB)

Read Bocconi's PhD Programs Academic Rules and Regulations and Honor Code.


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