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Fabrizio Perretti 

Program Director

The program is unique in its structure, as it includes both soft aspects such as strategy and organization in international contexts, and technical aspects such as quantitative methods applied towards management. Upon completion of their degree, students are able to support their arguments with pertinent quantitative analyses. Our student body is an international one, made up of people from many different countries. This diverse mix of cultures is itself a learning experience which allows classmates to deal with multicultural situations on a daily basis. The program does not offer suggested majors, but students can define their specialization without any added requirements by integrating study abroad programs or international internships. This choice allows students to take advantage of all the international and placement offers available and to create a unique study path that is highly valued by the international job market. In addition, students have the chance to apply to the CEMS program, and attend a MSc in International Management at another partner university of the CEMS network.



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