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Program Structure

In the first year, students acquire a solid foundation in economic theory, analytical tools and methodologies useful to understand and manage internationalization and innovation processes. The courses touch on many different areas: economics and management, law, history, and statistics. The second year offers the chance to look more deeply into such areas as development economics, supply chain management or information systems governance. The majors offered in the Master of Science in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology are:

 Green management and sustainability (major A);

 Technology and innovation management (major B);

 IT consulting (major C).  

Students choose a foreign language based on the graduate program instruction language and on their native language (which cannot be chosen as a foreign language). In classes taught in English, in order to get the language credits required for the degree, international students must study Italian plus another European language to be chosen from among French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or also English. Native Italian speakers must study two other European languages. Please note that the course requirements may be subject to change.

First year


Semester I

Track Economics and Management Background  

- Fundamentals of innovation and industrial change

- Industry and competition analysis 7
- Venture capital and valuation, Module I (technology and innovation management) 6
Track Engineering and Science Background  
- Industry and firm dynamics 7
- Competition analysis and strategy 7
- Finance and valuation 6

Intellectual property and competition law


Technology and innovation strategy, Module I (technology and innovation management)


Semester II


Technology and innovation strategy, Module II (technology entrepreneurship)


Developing your company


Statistics for economics and business


1 major compulsory course:

- Innovation, growth and sustainability (major A or free track)
- Innovation management (major B or free track)
- IT consulting (major C or free track)


First foreign language (lessons only)


Second foreign language (lessons only)


Total credit points of the first year


Second year


3 elective courses (major* or free track)


1 industry specific elective**


First language (lessons + exam 1st semester 2nd year)


Second language (lessons + exam 1st semester 2nd year)


Internship or similar activities




Total credit points of the second year


Total credit points


  ** Industry specific elective

  • Innovation and firm strategies in the ICT sectors
  • Innovation and competition in life science
  • Innovation in services
  • Community-based innovation and strategy


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