World Bachelor in Business


Three world-class universities, three continents, three degrees
One unparalleled experience

The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) partnership represents a bold new undertaking in higher education. For a cohort of 45 students each year, the WBB provides unparalleled opportunities and challenges. During their four years of study, students live on three continents where they learn from internationally renowned teachers and scholars. They explore diverse cultures and push themselves to new limits.


WBB students delve into the heart of Los Angeles to explore the emerging relationships between technology and entertainment. They meet with financial leaders in the high rises of Hong Kong to discuss the global banking industry. In Milan they consolidate their economic and management knowledge as they study the complexities of integrating the many countries of the European Union. After a fourth year at the partner school of their choice, World Bachelor in Business graduates will possess analytical, social and linguistic skills that  will uniquely qualify them for careers in a rapidly changing business arena.


The World Bachelor in Business is the first undergraduate partnership of its kind, designed to engage intellectually curious students in a business curriculum that connects leading edge teaching methods with cultural immersion and real-world experiences. English is the common language of the WBB, and students will become versed in the language of business in Asia, Europe and North America during extracurricular activities and internships arranged in each country. This is a new approach to education that global executives have been demanding for years, an approach that will prepare a new generation of leaders for the opportunities of an interconnected world.


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