Economics, Management and Computer Science

Hear from Employers
Successful companies have all addressed the digital transformation of their production, marketing processes and management culture. Data and its management are the real competitive levers of the future.
Roberto Liscia President, Netcomm
The new challenge for companies is to have leaders capable of understanding both digital technologies and business, defining and executing their strategies in the new competitive landscape: global, digital, mobile and social.
Fabio Spoletini Country Manager, Oracle Italia

Starting in the 2016-2017 a.y. Bocconi University will offer a new program, the Bachelor of Science in Economics, Management and Computer Science. The program aims to train graduates who will be able to actively govern the changes induced by information technology in the way we model and solve the new problems of economics and management.

The incredible amount of information and data generated by new technologies can bring competitive advantages for companies, ranging from better customer communication to increased process efficiency and faster fraud detection.
New types of professionals are required in order to fruitfully manage this data, and they will need to combine two areas of competency. They must possess the technical skills to gather and manage the data, plus – and most importantly – the ability to interpret data through the lens of economic models, thus enabling them to provide credible support to company decision making.
The program combines the teaching of economics, management and law – to help you critically understand the context in which firms (private or public) operate – with computational knowledge and skills based on the principles of information processing. You will also acquire a strong grounding in quantitative disciplines: mathematics and statistics combined with informatics.
You will come to understand the development of the data driven economy, and will learn how to acquire, organize and process data through theoretical models. The overall objective is to comprehend – and enable firms to comprehend – the implications of quantitative information for economic, managerial and financial issues.

Before a computer can be intelligently used, a model must be formulated and good algorithms developed.
George B. Dantzig (1914 –2005)

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