Courses and Requirements

Lessons start by middle September. You can not attend the program through distance learning.

First year - a.y. 2013 - 2014


1 International Business Law 24 Law A. Malatesta
  International Trade Policies 24 Economics F. Onida
  EU Law 24 Law M. Frigo

International Monetary and Financial Law

24 Law G. Adinolfi
  Intellectual Property Law 24 Law

L. Manderieux

  Principles of International Economic Law 24 Law C. Dordi
  International Economics 24 Law F. Onida
  Law and Economics* 24 Law F. Ghezzi
2 Competition Law and Policy 24 Law Y. Svetiev
  The internal Market of EU 24 Law Y. Svetiev
  International Taxation Law 24 Law C. Garbarino
  Comparative Public Law and Economics 24 Law F. Ferrari
  Economics of International Development
24 Economics C. Filippini
  Market and Environmental Regulation 24 Law F.Fracchia

Economics of European Integration

24 Economics

L. Resmini

  WTO Law 24 Law G. Sacerdoti
  International Investment Law 24 Law M. Valenti
  The Financial Crises and the new EU Governance 12 Economics C. Altomonte

* Jointly offered with the PhD in Law of Business and Commerce

Second year - a.y. 2014 - 2015

During the second year you are supposed to go abroad for a period of at least six months. During this period you are expected to carry out research related to the topic of your PhD thesis project  c/o Universities, Research Centres, International Organizations, NGOs, etc.

Third year - a.y. 2015 - 2016

In your third year, your priority objective are reasearch and thesis. By the end of your third year, you have to defend your research proposal.


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