PhD School

Dean of the PhD School:
Prof. Pierpaolo Battigalli

The PhD School coordinates the PhD programs offered by Bocconi University and acts as a point of reference for the University's PhD candidates.
PhD candidates have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and conduct research, with the support of Bocconi Faculty and through exchanges with leading American and European universities.

The Bocconi PhD School coordinates and supervises 5 PhD programs:

Download the School Presentation.
Find out more on how to apply to a program and the admissions process.
Read Bocconi's PhD Programs Academic Rules and Regulations and Honor Code.

A new HelpDesk will be available via Skype 10:00am- 7:00pm, as per the following schedule:
Dec 1-4
Dec 7-18 (from Mon-Fri)
Dec 21-23
Dec 28-30
Jan 4-15 (from Mon-Fri)

Only for those who apply to the PhD in Statistics (application closing date: Feb 1), the HelpDesk service will be available also as per the following schedule:
Jan 18 -29 (from Mon-Fri)
Feb 1

European Continental Time  (CET)

You can get support:

  • if you have questions about the data and/or documents you need to submit
  • if you experience technical problems during the application process and/or the uploading of documents



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