Assistant professor of Institute of Corporate Economics and Management "G. Pivato"

Why do you think a student interested in international management studies should choose Università Bocconi and Milan?
I can only speak from my perspective as a marketing professor at this school. And from this perspective, what may be well known is that Milan is one of Europe's most vibrant marketing capitals. What may be less well known is that Bocconi is one of European largest research universities for business scholars and managers. As such, the Master in International Management makes for an exciting mix between a global orientation with a touch of Italianity.

Which aspects of the International Management program will make our graduates able to compete for international top jobs?
The mix between hard and soft skills acquired in class and extra-mural activities.

Please describe the learning atmosphere in your class.
I'm trying to keep a balance between challenge and fun.

How would you describe the faculty-student relationship?
Well, let me give you an example. This morning I had two e-mails from students in international management asking me for career advice. Both had done, through Bocconi's strong links with industry, a number of internships both here in Milan and elsewhere and were now looking for coaching and suggestions on how to proceed. As such, perhaps the most striking feature of the faculty here is our passion for teaching as well as coaching. And students are required to take an active role in both. For example, through having to do presentations in front of large audiences, group projects with international class mates, and individual research, students obtain a critical mass of soft skills that ensures their employability in an international arena.

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