International Management students and graduates participated in a Media Training session with Melinda Chan Butts and Emma Hurt, two international PR experts. Part of the session included interview simulations and an explanation of how news stories are created and developed.

With the IM Program Director, Markus Venzin, graduates examined the theory behind how to efficiently and effectively prepare for an interview, develop and deliver key messages, how to turn hostile questions into positive answers and how to do actual TV, radio and print interviews on the phone and on camera.

Here, a few program graduates talk about their experiences during the Master of Science and how it has prepared them for their professional careers.


Graduates talk about their experiences


Alessandro Somaschini

The Master has been an outstanding life experience because I had the chance to study in the US, work in China, at the same time having internship experiences here in Milan in investment banking and consulting.


Dina Aleksandrova


International Management is a great choice because it tells you how to value, how to control, how to delegate, how to be the best manager.


Luca Rececconi

This program provided me with the skill set necessary to face the day-to-day job in the current professional environment.


Bojan Petrovic

International Management allowed me to understand the workplace, how the people interact, how the processes interact, from the first day.


Tatiana Samoylenko

The International Management program was very good for me in terms of what I learned about business, but at the same time I wanted to learn about luxury, so I did that in my second year.




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