Program Director: Fabrizio Perretti 

Hear from the Director

The sneakers that you wear were probably manufactured in Southeast Asia, the software that you just downloaded from the web could have been developed in India, and your phone or tablet most likely was designed in the US and assembled in China. What does it mean to live and work in such an integrated world? How do companies compete and interact in this landscape?

Students fascinated by such questions, with a strong interest in world affairs, international business and finance, and the connections between them, will find an in-depth program in the MSc in International Management, that provides the opportunity to study companies in a global context.

The MSc in International Management is a graduate program designed to give you the tools required to understand the global world we live in, training prospective managers and entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organizations of all types around the world, while applying the ideas of responsible and sustainable futures to business operations in practice.

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