Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology

Program Director: Paola Cillo
Deputy Director: Nicoletta Corrocher


  • This Master of Science is designed to develop the problem-solving and management skills needed to effectively employ technology and innovation.
  • Students encounter a challenging interdisciplinary program which blends strategic, managerial, organizational and economic approaches in order to analyze innovation and technology, both at firm and market levels.
  • It is organized around key issues (e.g. competitiveness, innovation and internationalization) which are analyzed by relying on various disciplinary approaches (e.g. economics, management and law).
  • We aim to develop the analytical skills required to understand the dynamics of technology within and across organizations; the decision-making abilities to turn technological opportunities into new ideas; and the problem-solving attitude to make successful innovations out of new ideas.
  • Graduates are prepared to cover a number of different roles related to innovative projects in large consultancies, multinational companies, high-tech companies, international organizations, regulatory authorities on innovation and intellectual property or work as researchers for new product development and launches. Moreover, the program prepares graduates to create and launch their own entrepreneurial business or undertake a PhD program in economics or strategy.


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